Event Social App

Our Story

In 2017, we began as CrowdCore, a multi-event, bespoke ticketing platform. Our vision for this platform was to connect like-minded people together through their love of events. As our final product was in test, COVID-19 hit and the events industry shut down.

We pivoted; we applied all our existing knowledge and technology to build a livestream platform and Happin was born.

As music lovers and industry professionals, we wanted to develop an engaging platform for music fans while increasing revenue opportunities for the hardest hit in the music industry. As a result, we built a fun, reliable, highly interactive livestream platform, capable of supporting 40 million users and up to 10 million users conducting real-time interactions.

We found features like custom-made merchandise and VIP meetings were things we missed the most from a live show - so we built it. With audience tipping, we also allow fans to support their favourite artists directly during this difficult time.

Our Team

Alex Li


Maria Escamilla

Head of Client Development

Bianca Marzynski

Head of Business Development

Matthew Moore

Head of Marketing

Joe "Speedy" Harrington

Senior Sales Manager, US

Daniel Liebenthal

Project Manager

Noelle Bonus

Project Manager

Stephanie Boriskin

Partnership Manager

Gaga Cao

Head of Design

Jason Feng

Developer Lead

Sam Luo

Web Developer