Event Social App

Our founding story

When COVID-19 first struck, the live music industry was turned upside down overnight. As venues and artists looked for new options to bring in revenue, some found new ways to play and engage with fans on platforms such as Instagram Live, but found the technology was not built to serve their needs.

As music fans and industry professionals, we quickly saw the opportunity to revolutionize the live-streaming market, by providing increased revenue drivers, higher fan engagement and an overall improved livestreaming experience.

Music & Tech DNA

We were made to build this solution for you

Our team has an extensive background in high-growth startups, cloud software and the music industry. As a company, we embrace the entrepreneurial attitude of the industry and use it to power our platform. We are committed to changing the face of the online concert and have big plans to continue to innovate once in-person concerts return.

Our Team

Alex Li


Jake Palahnuk

VP, Content

Bianca Marzynski

Head of Business development

Matthew Moore

Head of Marketing

Daniel Liebenthal

Project Manager

Noelle Bonus

Project Manager

Stephanie Boriskin

Partnership Manager

Gaga Cao

Head of Design

Jason Feng

Developer Lead

Sam Luo

Web Developer