Virtual Concerts like never before

Get the full concert experience, and more,
from anywhere in the world.

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Connect with fans and watch the live stream like never before.

Virtual Concerts, Reimagined

Get the most out your virtual concerts with Happin
  • Meet fans before the show

    Fans won’t be watching still with Happin. Fans can sing and dance along to their favourite songs to give the live concert feel on your phone.
  • Meet fans on virtual after party

    A virtual after party is a casual online experience where attendees are matched one-on-one with a different attendee every 5 minutes.

Audience engagement

With Happin, fans will get the full concert experience. New dancing and sing-along features will create the live show atmosphere on your device.

Create Unique Virtual Experiences

Get the most out your virtual concerts with Happin
  • Realtime Interactions

    Get the opportunity to have face-to-face time with the artists, and share your story with fans around the world.
  • Challenge and Reward

    With challenges, artists can call on fans to get more involved in the show. Fans can get rewarded and win points for future events.

Cheer & Celebrate

With new tools, fans can cheer and dance along to their favourite songs. It will feel like you’re there at the show with them!

Stay as community

Happin brings the show right to your phone.

Happin is designed to bring like-minded people together, and to encourage deep connections. No matter where you come from, you can always find each other on Happin.

How to setup a livestream show ?

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Compatible with any ticketing platform

Seamlessly include Happin into your event promotion. Happin is adaptable with any ticketing platform, so attendees will be able to purchase tickets with whomever you partner with.

  • Share events

    Use Happin’s powerful social network to promote your event to more fans. Reach a wider audience to get more visibility.

  • Customize your events

    Create a more customizable event to include more rewards and gifts for audience interaction.

Available For

Band Managers

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Event Venues

Learn how Happin can boost your venue’s next big event.

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