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Make It Happin.

Put your fans in the front row. Real-time interactions, authentic moments, and immersive experiences can all be created right at your fingertips.

Happin puts your audience in the front row


Put on a show from anywhere, broadcast it on Happin.


Use our interactive technology to engage with your fans and build your audience.

Get Paid

Earn money with ticketed events, Merch sales, VIP Upgrades and more.

What Type of Event Are You Looking to Host?

Whether you are looking to go live in your living room, rock the stage at your favourite venue or simply meet your fans, we have the right option for you.

DIY Livestream

Perform in the comfort of your home. The artist has complete control of their show. With our easy step-by-step guide, we make streaming and ticket sales easy so you can focus on your production and performance.

Professional Livestream

Livestream from a music venue or studio space for a higher quality show. Team up with venues for a self-produced show.

VIP Fan Meeting

Create authentic live interactions with your devoted fanbase. Intimate and memorable moments allows for artists to feel more in touch with their fans. Happin can setup your VIP Fan Meeting alongside a livestream or independently giving you the chance to interact whenever you want.

What Type of an Event Organizer Are You?

It doesn’t matter if you’re designing a brand new app from scratch, working on a new feature or creating a landing page.


Get back to playing shows


Get artists back on your stage

Happin has additional engaging features
Live Chat
VIP Fan Meeting
In-stream Merch Sales
Virtual Gifting
On-Demand Playback
Trivia Questions and Battle Votes

Live Chat

Engage with artists and fans across the world. Live chats keep you in the loop with what’s happening in real-time during a show.